Have you ever wondered about the way the earth must have been, just as the Lord made it, before Adam and Eve sinned and were cast out of the Garden? It surely was beautiful and peaceful; exciting, yet safe. We still glimpse it in the majesty of mountains, the purity of the first snowfall, love in someone’s eyes, and the smile of a baby.

Even today, in the midst of hurricanes and floods and devastating fires, God is mindful of His creation. His love is visible in the helping hands of neighbors and strangers, in words of forgiveness and hope.

When Adam and Eve left the Garden, they must have taken the memory of it with them and the remembered times of closeness with the Lord. Perhaps that ancient memory has been imprinted on each generation–the way things were at the beginning, the way they should be. When evil times come, we know that God is still with us. Although He may seem far away, He is mindful of what’s going on with His children and He cares. When trouble comes, He gives us hope to hang onto,  love and caring. Just as it was at the beginning.

Photo of Little Sand Lake by Missy Day Albrecht

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