Out of the Fog

Out of the Fog


Remember that old, scary film, Out of the Fog? Well, it’s foggy this morning, and so thick that it looks as if anything could slowly emerge from the fog–eerie and silent.

What is there about fog that appeals to imaginations? Maybe it’s because it distorts things and makes the familiar seem weird and unknown. Maybe it’s because it’s silent, not noisy like rain, and not in any particular shape, like snow.

It isn’t pretty either; it’s gray and wet. It becomes between us and the sun. It makes the roadway harder to see.

But, the important thing is that it’s brief. It won’t last. It will lift and there will be the blue sky. The beautiful day was there all along; only thing, we couldn’t see it because of the fog.

This invisible virus that is causing panic throughout the world won’t last either. It isn’t the end; it is scary because it has, heretofore, been unknown and we don’t know how to fight it. But, its time here is limited and when it goes away, normalcy will return, just like the sun. We’ve got to hold fast to faith and encourage each other.

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