No Such Thing

No Such Thing

In a book, there is no such thing as unimportant characters. They are all important and crafting them is a meticulous, fun job. In the Ned McNeil cozy mystery series, Ned, of course, is the protagonist. Then, there’s Cade, Pat, and Jackie. Another person in this series who insisted that I take care to describe her just as she is, is Miss Ann. The story wouldn’t be the same without her.

Miss Ann is Ned’s next door neighbor. She’s much older than Ned, has lived in Ednalee practically all her life, and is able to shed light on some of the past happenings. Miss Ann herself has had a varied and intriguing life. She makes her appearance in the first book, Moonlight Can Be Murder, although we don’t see much of her. Well, we do, but we don’t know that’s who we’re seeing. There was a reason Miss Ann was hardly ever seen and not heard much at all until the end of the story.

In Moonstruck and Murderous, Miss Ann tells Ned some things about Miss Eva that Ned finds hard to believe. Surely, the person Miss Ann describes can’t be the lovely woman Ned got to know and like, however briefly. But, yes, as the story progresses, Miss Eva turns out to be a revelation.

Each character is important and I can’t wait for you to meet them all in the Ned moonlight mysteries. Best part is, Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, Moonstruck and Murderous is FREE on Amazon!

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