It’s All in the Family

It’s All in the Family

I’ve heard women say, “I don’t want to become my mother as I grow older.” How sad. If someone¬† tells me I’m like my mom, I consider it a huge compliment. My mother and I were best friends. I think you’d have liked her. If you never had that privilege, you can get just a little glimpse in the Darcy and Flora cozy mysteries.

It’s true–I more or less patterned Flora Tucker after Mom. Not exactly, of course. Even though Mom and I shared some adventures, we never, in all our years together, rolled down Deertrack Hill in a car, although I remember rolling backward in a car when its brakes failed and winding up in a deep ditch. I don’t believe I ever explored a cave with her either, although she explored some as a child at Etta Bend.

But, the closeness is there, and the curiosity, and the love of adventure. Flora’s wisdom and sense of humor closely resembles my mother’s.¬†

As I thought about cozy mysteries, and as co-writer, Barbara Burgess and I thought about them together, we agreed that books about our respective mothers would work well. She had a good relationship with her mother too. So, the Darcy and Flora series was born.

I’ve heard it said that if a writer loves you, you’ll never die. It gives me a degree of comfort to know that my mom will live on forever within the pages of the Darcy and Flora mother/daughter sleuth series.



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