What would we do without hope? It’s more than a wish–it’s a yearning and a belief that somewhere, out in the future, things will get better. Hope rises with the sun each morning, but it doesn’t set as the sun sinks westward. Hope lives on, through even the darkest night.

As the sun slid westward last night, people began returning home from work. The cardinal family came to the bird feeders for a bit of supper, and those busy squirrels disappeared into their leafy houses. Another day had ended, and, though the world seemed dark, tomorrow would come.

Sometimes, evening shadows bring with them feelings of sadness, but they shouldn’t. Night is God’s way of drawing the curtain across another day and saying all the problems, injustices, and worries of the day are ended. Forget them for a while. Lay down the load and, if you need to, take it up tomorrow, but not tonight. In the morning, the sun will rise again as surely as it set. As you face the day, don’t forget to take with you that inner strength that keeps us going called hope.

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