Good-bye, October

Good-bye, October

Generally speaking, I don’t like good-byes, but this is the last day of October 2020. So, of necessity, it’s good-bye and tomorrow, it’ll be hello to a brand new month. Maybe it’ll be a month of healing and prosperity in all areas of life. I hope.

October is leaving as a dampish month in Arkansas. Leaves on the ground are pretty soggy. Maples are fast losing foliage, but oaks are slow in turning. The sun is shining today, and that’s a welcome sight.

It would be nice if, at the close of each month, we could bury all the negative things that steal our joy. Animosities, hurts, disappointments, all would be things of the past, not to be brought up or remembered ever again. Each new month would be a fresh, clean page with nothing hateful or harmful on it. A page of hope and new beginnings.

One of my favorite poems by Susan Coolidge:

“Every day is a fresh beginning;
Every morn is a world made new.
You, who are weary of sorrow and sinning,
Here is a beautiful hope for you—
A hope for me and a hope for you.”

Every month is a new beginning too.




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