By the Fright of the Silvery Moon

By the Fright of the Silvery Moon

Remember you can read the first two chapters of all of my books: The Cemetery ClubGrave Shift, Best Left Buried, and Moonlight Can Be Murder on my home page. You can also listen to a sample of The Cemetery Club audio book and Grave Shift audio book on The fourth Darcy and Flora cozy mystery will be out before long (I’ll let you know a release date later) and I’m working on the Sequel to Moonlight Can Be Murder,By the Fright of the Silvery Moon. I thought you might enjoy a sneak peek at this newest book, just the first page. Tell me what you think.

By Chapter One

     The nightmare woke me with a jolt. I sat up in bed gasping for breath. Something had been chasing me through the dark rooms of Granger Mansion. In my dream, I ran upstairs, slammed the door to my bedroom and tried to block out the sound of someone or something panting behind me.

Moonlight shining through the window made my bedroom almost as light as day. Knowing I could never get back to sleep after such a terrifying nightmare, I decided to go to the kitchen and make a cup of chamomile tea. My nerves definitely felt jangled.

Winter still had its icy hold on April. I longed for warmth and sunshine and prowling my yard to see what flowers would come poking through the ground. This would be my first April at Granger Mansion in forty years. Shrugging into my fuzzy red robe and sliding my feet into house shoes, I padded downstairs.

Would I ever get used to being the owner of my Uncle Javin’s Victorian house? I loved every oak plank and polished railing of this old home. DSCN4526Glancing out the window at the moonlit world, I stopped, blinked, and looked again. Something was wrong with the serene picture of trees, newly-rebuilt carriage house, and covered well. It was the well that drew my attention. The brick base supporting the round structure did not look right. A lumpy something lay on those bricks.


  1. Deb Forbes says

    Wow I can not wait to read this. I loved the first one and now with this teaser I want more soon 🙂

  2. Quite intriguing, Aunt Blanche! Can’t wait to read it!

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