Our Sunday School lesson this morning was on emotions, taken from Psalm 116. We all have them–these feelings of joy, love, anger, frustration, sadness. Sometimes emotions get the upper hand, but when they do, hopefully, we will not erupt in some action that is not good.

Let’s take anger, for instance. When I think of sudden anger, I think of a fire flaring up. Fire is good and warming, but it can burn, hurt, and destroy. It’s important not to let anger get in the way of good sense. I’ve heard it said about one person or another, in my years here on earth, that he or she is an angry person. This puts me in mind of a banked fire–smoldering, but ready to burst into flame instantly.

An unchecked emotion can take possession of a person. It can blot out reason and common sense. It can result in impulsive actions or words that are destructive. Children usually have unchecked emotions. If a child is sad, he cries. If he’s angry, he doesn’t keep it a secret. If he’s happy, he’s happy completely and unreservedly. But, a child is immature. As he grows, hopefully, he’ll learn to master his emotions and not let them be the master of him.

Grief and sadness are emotions common to us all. These emotions mean that we have loved and lost someone or something very dear and precious to us. But, grief unchecked can overshadow all areas of life and leave us walking in shadows for years.

Emotions make us human, make us love and and have concern for others, hope for better days, and not live for ourselves alone. Emotions make the world a better place, but emotions unchecked can wreak havoc. It’s important to find a balance.


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