Dreams, For What They’re Worth

Dreams, For What They’re Worth

Dreams! I don’t mean hopes and goals, I mean the things that pass through our minds as we sleep. Do you pay any attention to them? I’ve read that some are caused by what has happened during the day, or perhaps long ago. Some are subconscious thoughts and worries that surface while we sleep. I really don’t believe they are a portent or a warning of something that might happen.

The second Ned McNeil cozy mystery, By the Fright of the Silvery Moon, opens with Ned’s dream, or rather, a nightmare. And, actually, this dream is an inkling of the things that are about to happen in Ned’s life and, in Ned’s case, they are just as scary as her dream. 

A bad dream woke me this morning. So, I just got up–it was gettin’ up time anyway. The best thing to do with a bad dream is to get out of bed–don’t go back to sleep! Brew up a pot of strong, black coffee, and determine you’re not going to let that result of indigestion (as Scrooge put it) ruin your day. 


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