Day Brighteners

Day Brighteners

The morning is dark; rain is dripping and the temperature is only in the 30s. Will we have snow in the rain? Only time will tell. However, the caramel-flavored coffee is hot and strong and Nemo is snoozing peacefully. It’s funny, the habits of some of the characters in my books. For example, Ned McNeil always orders hot caramel mocha coffee when she goes to Grandy’s. I like caramel flavored coffee too. Interesting.

Yesterday, I bought groceries. I freely admit that getting groceries is not one of my favorite things and I feel guilty saying that because I have the money to buy them and many people don’t. So, I’m grateful too. With a cart full of groceries, I was at the check-out counter when one of the employees came with a bouquet of four red roses and two red carnations. “Would you like some free flowers?” she asked. Oh, yes! This is the second or third time I’ve been given flowers in the store. They are, indeed, day brighteners.

This morning, I was reading Proverbs 11. I like to read a Proverb a day and this is the eleventh. I read that King Solomon said belittling one’s neighbors is a stupid thing to do and I thought how true this is. Belittling anyone is not very smart. A person can’t elevate herself by pushing her neighbor down. Belittling is a kind of bullying and, having had experiences with bullying when I was a child, I can say from painful memory that bullying is a terrible thing.

Last night (really, I think it must have been in the wee, small hours of the morning) I dreamed that a dear friend was into writing cozy mysteries. They were interesting! They were selling like hotcakes. The dream was quite clear. This morning, I’ll share that bit of news with her.

If your day is dark and drippy too, as mine is, and you are wondering what in the world you can do to make the day brighter, you have come to the right place! Scoot your chair a little closer to the lamp, pour a cup of coffee or tea, open your favorite cozy mystery and, like magic, you’ll enter a world of good friends and a puzzle that seems impossible to solve. But, it isn’t. Like most things, there’s an answer and it’s there, if we look for it.


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