Craziness Is Contagious

Craziness Is Contagious

I’ve never seen a squirrel behave like the little fellow in my front yard this morning. Maybe he was from this year’s crop of new squirrels and was just realizing what fun it is to be alive. Maybe he had gotten hold of an especially spicy and invigorating breakfast. Some of the squirrels munch on my flowers. Did one of the blooms have an energizing kick to it?

He was at the foot of the maple in the front yard when I noticed him. He jumped over a root and turned a flip in mid-air. Then he whirled in a circle, grabbed a stick, took a bite, dropped it and jumped straight up, somersaulting before he landed. He whirled, jumped, and did acrobatics for a while, then ran across the street. Do you remember Pepe LePew? He gallumped up and down, rather like a rocking horse when pursuing his favorite kitty cat. That’s the way this squirrel got across the street.

Now, a rabbit pokes his head out of the grass in my neighbor’s yard. If he begins turning somersaults, I’ll know something is a-foot.

Why did this furry creature act so dingy? Was he just feeling good, thinking about this great, big, wonderful world that he was born into? Maybe he was teaching me a lesson. Since he felt joyful to the point of giddiness, shouldn’t I feel the same? His craziness may be contagious. But, I draw the line at turning a flip in mid-air.

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