Clocks, Staircases, and Curious Letters

As a youngster, I learned many things from Nancy Drew that were not written on the pages of her books. I learned that Nancy was the kind of girl I would like to be. 

Nancy was a magnet who attracted mysteries. To anyone else, clocks were clocks, staircases were just what they seemed; but, not to Nancy Drew. She saw a mystery behind each one!

She was courageous. When faced with impossible situations, Nancy did not falter because she also had faith. Nancy knew everything would end well. 

Although Nancy was a girl of means (she had her own car and didn’t have a job) she was not snooty. IMG_0349She was humble, always willing to run errands for Hannah or for her father, Carson Drew, or help Hannah wash dishes. I could relate to all that–although I was not a girl of means,  and didn’t have my own car, I could dream! And, I did.

Nancy was friendly. Her two closest chums were George and Bess. Loyalty to friends and family was foremost in all Nancy did.

Logic and sensibility were her trademark. A story of a haunted house or bridge or strange shrieks in the night might terrorize others but not Nancy Drew!IMG_0350 Undaunted, she knew that behind the unearthly strangeness was a down-to-earth explanation. This was reassuring, especially for those of us with wild and vivid imaginations.

Readers absorb more than the storyline; this is especially true of young readers. I’m glad I had the experience, when I was a young girl, of meeting Nancy Drew.

You know most of all what I learned from Nancy, besides that I wanted to be like her?  I learned I wanted to write mystery stories! ♥


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