Augustus and His Namesake

Augustus and His Namesake

If you have an August birthday, you were born in an interesting month–a month with a history. To start with, it was once called Sextilis¬† and was the sixth month. Then, along came powerful Augustus Caesar. It was renamed August in the year 8 B.C.

The lovely Peridot is your birth stone and you have two flowers: the poppy and the gladiolus. In the language of flowers, these mean beauty, strength of character, love and family. You can’t go wrong with these! Come to think of it, these attributes pretty well describe the people I know who were born this month.

UNSPECIFIED – DECEMBER 24: Gladiolus (Gladiolus sp), Iridaceae. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Any month and any day of the month is a good time to read or write or both. I’m still re-reading and editing Murder By Moonlight, the fourth Ned McNeil book. And, of course, I’m reading cozy mysteries too. I’ve just finished an absorbing book, A Very English Murder, by Verity Bright. I’m glad to see that she has written more than one book, so, this morning I’ll download another of her cozy mysteries. That’s what I do–when I find an author who really grabs my attention, I read all the books I can find that were written by her.

Close-up on an ancient statue of Caesar Octavianus Augustus, that stands in Ravenna (Italy) in front of the Church of Saint Apollinare in Classe.

This August morning is dawning cool and quiet, a pretty morning. Yesterday was another nice day. These cool, sunny days are especially welcome because they occur in the midst of summer. A gift. I hope the day is a good one for you and if you’re one of those lucky ones with an August birthday, Happy Birthday! I hope this birthday month is especially beautiful for you.


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