An April Deep Freeze

An April Deep Freeze

Hard to believe, but earlier this morning, the thermometer registered twenty-eight degrees! I’m so glad I brought in all my wonderful flowers that I had stashed on the porch. Will this be the last freeze? I hope!

April greets us with a bit of a cold shoulder, but she is actually a wonderful month. April people, you have a great gemstone–the diamond. Next to a cozy mystery, a diamond may be a girl’s best friend!

April’s special flowers are the daisy and the sweet pea. Listen for thunder today! If it thunders on April Fool’s Day, farmers will have lots of corn and hay. 

Listen to the frogs this month. The louder the frogs, the more the rain.

I don’t think wildflowers will be hurt by the freeze. They are hardier than the other kind. The wild violets in my back yard are especially pretty this spring.

Of course, today’s the day to watch out for ridiculous statements. I so remember those days, “Mrs. Manos, your shoes are untied,” “Mrs. Manos, there’s a bug on your head.”

Happy April Fool’s Day to everyone and watch out for downright fibs. By the way, all seven of my cozy mysteries are runaway best-sellers!!

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