A New Year

A New Year

To me, it seems that Easter should be the start of a new year, not January. Easter is a time of celebrating and gladness and, after Easter, we can expect spring to actually be here and warm weather a reality. The earth is renewed, new hope is born, after Easter.

My neighbor’s tulip tree has shed its lovely pink and lavender blossoms, replacing them with green leaves. The redbud in the back by the deck is really pretty this year. Wild violets peek from around rocks and through grass. And, the birds are busily home making and singing to declare their territory. A small wren lit on my crepe myrtle last week and sang and sang. He had found his patch of tree and sky and everybody else should steer clear.

So, good morning to a new spring, a new hope, a new beginning. Gladness rises with the sun.


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