A Jolly Turkey

A Jolly Turkey

That special holiday in November arrives in just two days. I have heard a rumor that a jolly turkey slides down chimneys bringing mince and pumpkin pies and Thanksgiving-themed books for all good and dedicated readers. If this is true, maybe I could give him a few tips on what to leave on the festive table.

 I’m partial to children’s books. My all-time favorite is A Turkey for Thanksgiving. by Eve Bunting and Diane DeGroat.

Then, there’s Little Critter, Just a Special Thanksgiving, A Sticker Book by Mercer Mayer.

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate making new memories and remembering the old. It was a tradition that Mom and Dad’s children and grandchildren would gather at their house in Tahlequah. It was a small house but somehow, everybody fit inside. Nobody had time to feel cramped because everybody was talking and eating and enjoying being together. I am grateful for the family I had and the family I have, and for the friends who have become like family too.

Wherever you are, whether your Thanksgiving dinner is large or small, I hope that you have a really blessed day, thankful for Thanksgivings past and Thanksgiving present and looking forward to Thanksgivings yet to come.

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