Who Goes There?

Who Goes There?

Who comes through my yard at night

When all is dark and still,

When the only sound, for miles around

Is the call of the whippoorwill?

I’ve often wondered what animals amble through the yard under cover of darkness, maybe stopping for a drink at the bird bath? Nemo had an encounter with one the other morning, who happened to stay out too late.

By the way Nemo was barking, I knew he saw something, so I put on my shoes and went to see what was on the other side of the deck. Taking Nemo with me, we walked off the deck and into the yard. There lay a pretty little half-grown ‘possum, evidently dead. He lay on his side, his mouth open. 

Nemo did not know what to think. This animal was not running. No fun. He looked up at me, a question in his eyes, then turned around and trotted away.

I laughed at him. “He’s only playing ‘possum,” I said. “That’s his defense.”

Sure enough, when I checked a few minutes later, the ‘possum was nowhere around. He had ambled back to a safer place that had no curious little dogs.

So, I know for sure that ‘possums are one animal that comes through my yard at night when all is dark and still.


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