What’s Behind That Innocent Color?

To look outside my window at the early April day, I’d say that it’s a lovely morning: fresh, young leaves on many trees, grass all green and bursting with the newness of the season, but, let me tell you, folks, it’s more than a bit nippy out. A walker just strode up the hill decked in hat, coat, gloves, and she was covering her nose with her hands.

Yes, the weatherman said another cold snap is coming for us. Hopefully, no freeze or frost, but I’ll bet I should bring thoseĀ  potted plants back inside tonight.

Deceptive. Pretty, but deceptive. On this April morning, there are many happy things to think about and do. Spring is a new season, a new reason for fresh starts and that is not a deceptive statement–it’s a real reason to hope.

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