Times Like These

Times Like These

Actually, there has never been a time like this in the United States of America. For us, the sweeping changes caused by a virus are something new, different, unwanted, and unpleasant.

There’s an old song, In Times Like These. We used to sing it a lot at General Baptist in Tahlequah. Another song which expresses hope and faith is A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. Fortress–a solid wall of defense between us and the enemy.

Long ago, many European people depended upon fortresses. When enemies came, the people ran to these fortresses. They were a pretty good defense for a long time. But, even they couldn’t always keep out persistent intruders. In times like these, we need to have hope and faith in God, in Jesus, that He will heal and protect.

Some of the most comforting verses in Scripture are II Samuel 5:24 and Judges 7:19-22. God did what was for David and Gideon, impossible. But with God, nothing is impossible. That’s good to remember, in times like these.

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