The Wind and the Moon

The Wind and the Moon

The way the wind blew yesterday is a good sign that it’s blowing in a change in the weather, and, it’s still at it this morning. The oak tassels, which, because of the astuteness of a friend, I’ve found out are called catkins, are still joyfully riding the wind to my deck. Then, tonight, a rain and possibly storm will arrive. But, that’s April and springtime and changeable weather.

I’ve several plants that need to be put into the ground, so yesterday, I started getting my back garden ready. I’ll continue today, but I believe I’ll wait until after the rain to put them in the ground, just in case we have hail or a gulley-washer.

Did you see the lovely, pink moon last night? I took another picture or two, but my moon pictures never turn out very well. With writing a series of murder by moonlight books, wouldn’t you think the moon would cooperate with my camera? Alas, it doesn’t. One of my Facebook friends, who, coincidentally, used to be a student, took some lovely pictures of the moon.

Spring continues to make herself known and we go through different stages into warm weather. I hope you have a day filled with gladness and, if you’re inside while the rain splashes down outside and the thunder grumbles and lightning flashes, grab a cozy mystery and enjoy it!

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