The Battle of the Tassels

My willow oak is “blooming” or whatever that stage in its life is called when little tassels appear before full-grown leaves. I guess it’s tasseling. Since my deck is nearby, the wind fondly blows all those lovely little wisps onto it. There is no keeping it swept clean. Nemo, my furry friend, looks like a burr when he comes in and decides to shake all over the floor. So, out comes the broom. I sweep tassels in the house, I sweep tassels from the deck and the willow oak and the wind quickly re-furbish the deck with more. So, what’s to do? 

The deck is one of my favorite places to sit but it catches all the signs of each season. When the redbud finishes blooming, it sheds its old blooms directly on the deck. The maple will soon send whirly-gig seeds to help things out, just in case I need more practice sweeping. And, in the fall, there are leaves. It’s pretty bare in the winter, but who wants to sit on the deck when it’s thirty degrees out?

The post oak tree in the front yard is at the same stage in its yearly leafing. Tassels are blown all over the porch. So, Nemo and I live with tasseling. It won’t last forever and when the oaks provide all that lovely shade, we’ll be grateful for the tasseling, I’m sure.

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