That’s the Big Question

That’s the Big Question

The murder happened fifty years ago and a man was presumed guilty. His punishment? He disappeared, so he was never convicted in a court of law, just in the court of human opinion.

Why get involved in such a long ago tragedy? Why not just accept the popular opinion and forget about it? After all, what could be done after five decades? What, even, should be done? Wouldn’t delving into the past bring up a lot of old hurts and ill feelings?

The thing of it was, Ned felt more than mildly interested. She hadn’t meant to be involved, but when one sees a ghostly figure on the stairway of a deserted farmhouse and then gets a threatening note telling her to stay out of it, well, then Ned got involved.

Murder By Moonlight–what was the secret that someone didn’t want uncovered? Who would go to any lengths to stop Ned’s investigation? How could a long ago crime be solved? That’s the big question

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