Parliament, Rafter, and Murder

Parliament, Rafter, and Murder

A parliament is heading my way. Really! My niece Missy who is a gifted writer is also a talented crafter. She told me yesterday that she is sending, not a flock, but a parliament of owls my way and I should be watching my mailbox. She said that since they are nocturnal birds and will arrive by mailman during the daytime, they may be sleeping; otherwise, I could hear them hoot inside the mailbox. I’ll take pictures of them and post them as soon as they get here.Barred Owl in the Rain

Curious about names for groups of birds, I looked up a few. They are ver-r-ry interesting and I wonder who decided all this and why and when. Anyway, here they are:

A group of crows is called a murder of crows. (Does that mean my latest cozy mystery could be called Moonlight Can Be a Group of Crows? No, it doesn’t have that special ring to it.)

When you see several robins on your lawn next spring, you could appropriately yell, “Spring is here! A round of robins is in the yard.”

Our majestic national birds, eagles, when they gather  family and friends around, are appropriately called a convocation.

And, a number of those most popular birds for November, turkeys, are known as a rafter. Thanksgiving dinners served to a bunch, whole slew, crowd, lots of people would need a rafter of turkeys!

Speaking of turkeys, one of my favorite children’s books is A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting and Diane DeGroat.



  1. Just how many owls does it take to make a parliament, do you suppose?

  2. I’m guessing maybe three? ‘Cause if it’s just two and they have a difference of opinion, it’d be a tie and nothing would get done but with three…well, that’s a tie-breaker. However, we couldn’t have six or eight or any other even number because there’s the tie thing again in case of an argument, so maybe…no, I’m getting a headache. I’ll let the Whoos decide it.

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