Not Really Balmy

Not Really Balmy

Happy birthday, Mr. Lincoln! Just in case anybody thinks he and President Washington were born on the same day, different years, let me tell you it isn’t true. Let’s not forget the good things this sixteenth President did. And, let’s remember his birthday is February 12. Always has been and always will be.

 In honor of our sixteenth President, the temperature has obligingly dipped to sixteen degrees. How considerate! 

Nemo is munching his bone, having given up on asking if he can go outside to bury it. He likes to hide his Milk Bone under leaves and then go back to it when it’s nice and yucky. 

This isn’t the first time the thermometer has dipped so low. Many other times it has been this cold and even much colder. It’s just that it’s always a shock, and takes some getting used to. The next few days will, indeed, be frigid, according to our weatherman–colder than this with the possibility of snow. Is anybody in Minnesota guilty of sharing some of their winter with us? Did you give it a hefty push toward the south?

It’s a wonderful day for reading. Books abound about our Presidents and the history of our great nation. Some of history has a bit of mystery to it. I wonder if some cozies exist about a President with a fictional mystery woven in. Writing one might be a great sixteen degree activity.


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