March Madness Murders

The book could have been called March Madness Murders and that would have fit. Instead, the title is Moonstruck and Murderous which is a good description too. But, what, exactly is “moonstruck”? Another word for moon is luna. And, from that comes lunatic. So, you get the idea. Moonstruck is a somewhat lesser way of saying about the same thing. And, who within the covers of this latest cozy mystery, could be described as moonstruck? As it turns out, more than one. A moonstruck person is apt to do just about anything–including murder.

Ned McNeil isĀ  right in the middle of anything that is mysterious in her home town and, right along with her are her sidekicks, Pat and Jackie. Together, these three tackle the unknown, the weird, and the downright murderous. This time, Ned loses her shoes and, barefoot, is driven into a maze , running for her life, with murder close behind her.

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