Loving Those Stories

Loving Those Stories

I’m loving those stories my friends tell me, about their reactions to my cozy mysteries. How do Darcy, Flora, and Ned affect you? As you read one of their escapades, are you frightened, or excited? When they sit down for coffee in the kitchen or at their favorite coffee shop, do you experience a warm glow?

One of my dear friends has just finished By the Fright of the Silvery Moon. She likes the way Ned, Pat, and Jackie get together for coffee and to talk over their latest dilemma. The really neat part, though, is when Ned gets herself into the worst pickle imaginable and there doesn’t seem to be any safe way out. I like my friend’s reaction to this. “No, no,  Ned,” she yells silently, “Don’t go to that deserted cemetery alone at night. You forgot your phone. How could you?”

Those stories about my stories are what keep me writing. It is a connection with readers who enjoy what I write. We have a kinship, a far-flung family of friends gathered around cozy mysteries. I love to hear your stories.

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