Just Wonderin’ Why

Just Wonderin’ Why

Just Wonderin’…

…what would happen, if, when a problem overwhelms, we suddenly started to sing.

…what would happen if we responded to rudeness with, “God bless you.”

…why, if we believe the Bible, we don’t act as if we do?

…why I get a sinking sensation when the plumber’s first words are, “Oh, wow!”

….why the full-length store mirror distorts my reflection into a pudgy, frumpy person I don’t even know.

…why I remember things I’d like to forget and forget things I’d like to remember.

…what would happen if we all answered honestly when asked, “How are you?”

…what my mirror did to that young person who used to be there?

…why dreams soar and reality plods?

…why we can’t all be like my dog and greet each day with a wiggle and a woof and not worry about it.



(Cover photo by Missy Day Albrecht)

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