I Can’t Do One Thing About It!

I Can’t Do One Thing About It!

Frustrating, isn’t it–those things you want so much to change, but you can’t. People’s attitudes, broken things, wrong ideas, hurtful happenings, injustices and heartbreaks. The world is full of them, so much so that it makes blood pressures rise and hearts ache. The most exasperating of all, though, is the fact that I can’t do one thing about any of them!

So, I look around at the things I can change. What can I do, who can I help? And, by the way, is my own set of ideas, my own way of looking at things off kilter? If so, surely I can change myself.

Frustration, I’ve found, needs an outlet and my world is full of possible outlets. My house, for example. It’s just a modest, small house, but it offers all sorts of possibilities for change. My bed neatly made, dishes washed and in the cabinet–a house clean and shining, a table graced with autumn leaves, the fragrance of fresh-perked coffee, and my humble abode becomes beautiful.

The blank, accusing stare of pages yet unwritten, of pictures yet unpainted, of Scripture yet un-studied–these are things that I can take care of.

People I meet who could use a friendly smile, someone in a far-off country who could use help in whatever form I care to send it–things I can do to change circumstances, even in a small way, to make life just a bit better.

Injustices will still exist, hatred will always abound in people’s hearts, I’m afraid, but I’m not helpless against it. I can pray, I can work to make things better. Perhaps there are some things I can do, after all.


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