Hummers in the Maple Tree

Hummers in the Maple Tree

I am convinced that a mama and papa hummingbird have set up housekeeping in my front yard maple tree. I wish them good fortune and blessings. I’ve never seen a cat in that maple, but I’ve seen lots of squirrels. Maybe the tiny birds have attached their nest to a limb that’s too fragile for the weight of a squirrel. One can only hope. But, if the limb isn’t sturdy, would it survive repeated storms? Oh, worry! I’ll just trust that the hummingbirds know what they’re doing.

The reason I think they are in the maple is that this is the second morning I’ve seen both of them swinging through the air among all the leaves and branches. There isn’t a feeder in that tree, so it must be they’ve chosen it for their summer home. 

What do hummingbirds and other birds do during a storm like the wind and rain we’ve been having? Do they have bunches of leaves over their heads for shelter? Do they huddle together for warmth and protection? One thing is certain–they try to keep those precious eggs and babies safe. That is their top priority.

These hummers and all springtime birds teach a lesson without saying a word: do the best you can and trust that everything will turn out all right. Concentrate on the truly important and be happy in the moment.


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