Hidden Motives

Hidden Motives

Ned had been thrilled to think Evangeline Carver, the grand dame of the county, would call her to take pictures of the fabulous Carver mansion. She would get a chance to see inside that historic landmark and she’d get to talk to Evangeline herself. Truthfully, Ned may have been just a bit star struck.

However, things didn’t turn out so beautifully. Do they ever? Ned knew nothing of the crazy relatives who inhabited the family estate nor of the fixed idea that Mrs. Carver had–she was convinced someone was trying to kill her. But, surely she was wrong. Ned couldn’t imagine that anyone would harm the frail yet energetic woman who was practically a historic fixture herself. However, Miss Evangeline was right.

All the crazy things that happened that month, the month of March, may have been due to the blue moon. Two full moons that month! Pat, Ned’s friend, was sure it was the fault of the moon. Someone wasn’t who they seemed; someone had hidden motives. But then again, this was the month of March, a changeable month, a month that wasn’t to be trusted.

Whatever the reason, one death, then two, then three? Unbelievable. And there Ned was, smack dab in the middle of it all. As if that wasn’t scary enough, the murderer was trying their best to make Ned murder number four. Ned had been in some dangerous, precarious situations, but this one was nearly impossible. How would she escape? 

Moonstruck and Murderous: Heart in your throat reading, suspense packed, a page turner that may disrupt your days and night. Do you dare?

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