Finishing Touches

The day began nicely with an invitation from a Christian periodical to do some writing for them. That should be fun.

For quite some time, I’d been promising my refrigerator a good cleaning. She and I go back quite a number of years and I’d been neglecting her. Sometimes, we take people and things for granted. So, at last, I got out soda and dish cloth and a sink of hot water, and commenced. Out came food, into the trash went the bottles and jars with expired dates. Out came glass shelves and plastic shelves.

About an hour later, the refrigerator was nice and shiny on the inside, not nearly as crowded with leftovers, and I could tell it felt better. How could I tell? The motor, of course, was purring contentedly.

Then, Peg came over, bringing pie. What a nice surprise and a good visit. Actually, she came while I was still working on the ‘frig, so I worked and we chatted.¬†

 Leaves are turning outside, a feeling of accomplishment inside. It was a good October day.

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