A Special Birthday

Today, April 12, is my mother, Susie Latty Day’s birthday. Mom has been gone for nearly twenty-five years now and there isn’t a day when I don’t miss her. I’d love to sit down at her dining table for just one more cup of coffee, just one more chat.

Many times, I wonder what my mother would think of the world today and all the things that are happening. She would probably look at me with questioning gray eyes and say, as I’ve heard her say before, “You don’t mean that!”  In only twenty-five years, things she thought would never happen, have happened. Many of them are good things; many are not.

Alice, Georgia, Susie Latty

Mom was born before the days of radio. She grew up on a farm at Etta Bend with her parents, two sisters, and little brother. Her mother cooked delicious meals on a wood-burning cookstove and their farmhouse at Etta was heated by a fireplace. When the Latty family went to Tahlequah, they rode in a wagon or buggy. Their water came from a spring across the road. Their refrigerator was the springhouse. Nobody worked in town; they tilled the ground, grew corn and other vegetables, and killed a hog for meat. Mom grew up with a love for God, family, and her wonderful, free America.

My mother enjoyed music and played the organ. She had a great sense of humor and, as a child, got into her share of mischief. Reading was her favorite form of entertainment. All her life, books were her mainstay. The Bible was the Book to which she turned the most. I have several of her Bibles. Reading the clippings, notes, and poems she stuck within the pages of a much-used Bible is as good as hearing a sermon.

She was an example I tried hard to follow. Even though she had worries of her own, she was always ready to listen to mine and encourage me. She was my best friend.

Helen, Mom, me

I think of her every day but especially on her birthday. If she were here, I’d bake a lemon pie–her favorite.  When lilacs (her favorite flower) bloom, and gentle weather comes, she should be here to enjoy springtime with me. Happy birthday, Mama. I miss you.





  1. A beautiful remembrance! She was a true gift. I love her too now!

  2. Janet McAlpine says

    Blanche, I love your stories. I found it interesting that grandma’s favorite pie was lemon as well. It must have ran in the family

    • Blanche Manos says

      That is interesting that Aunt Georgia’s favorite was lemon pie too. I loved that sweet lady! You had a wonderful grandma and I had a wonderful mom. Thanks for writing.

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