A Noise After Supper

A Noise After Supper

Chapter 5

Abigail kept up a continual chatter as she fixed supper. Miss Georgia offered to help.

“Thank you, yes. Would you mind making your delicious pie crust? I’ll use these blackberries I canned from last summer. We’ll have a blackberry cobbler to top off our pork chops.”

Miss Georgia was surprised to find how much she liked being in Abby’s kitchen and talking. She did get so lonely in her house in the country. Even Elmira seemed content to curl up on a cushion beside the stove.

The two women cooked and chattered and soon had supper on the table.

“I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed a meal more,” Miss Georgia said, as she polished off her second helping of pie. “You really like your pretty house here in town, don’t you? How about your neighbors? Do you visit with them?”

Abby smiled. “Yes, although I miss Kate who used to be next door. She went to live with her daughter in the city a couple of months ago and that house is empty. The other house, on the other side of me was rented not long ago by a newcomer to town. Miss Dodson. She’s kind of a shy person, not given to visiting. I’m probably talking your leg off tonight, but I sure am glad to have company.”

“I’m glad to be here,” Miss Georgia said, and was surprised that she really meant it.

After such a big supper, Miss Georgia got sleepy early and, excusing herself, climbed the stairs to the cozy little bedroom Abby had assigned her. She shrugged into her gown and raised the window shade to look out at the lights of neighboring houses. It was nice to know that there were other people near-by. It must keep Abigail from being so lonely.

Sighing, she crawled into the fluffy featherbed, pulled the quilts up to her chin and closed her eyes. Elmira snuggled into her basket at the foot of the bed. It had been a long day and Miss Georgia was tired. She was sure she’d sleep like a log. And, she did—for at least three or four hours. Then a loud noise jarred her eyes wide open.

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