A Flowery Adieu

A Flowery Adieu

Yesterday was a lovely, spring day. Today? Not so much. Anyway, yesterday was lovely, sunny, and warm. Bursting with enthusiasm, I went to Lowe’s and, oh my goodness! I kind of went hog wild. I came back home with lots of flowers, a few plants, and two packets of seeds. Spring was definitely in the air and I could hardly wait to see plants growing.

The vinca vine or periwinkle, is growing and spreading. I like them, but they are invasive and need to be shown who’s boss or they’ll take over. Several legends swirl around the periwinkle. Maybe that’s why I like them or maybe it’s because they are such a welcome sight after winter.

About fifteen years ago, my little granddaughter and I planted flower bulbs, among them, this beautiful tulip. We sang made up flower songs and composed a blessing, asking the Lord to keep the fragile bulbs safe from moles and squirrels. The tulip isn’t always as pretty as this, but this year it looks like a spot of yellow sunshine on the ground.

Yesterday spring was in the air, but March, being whimsical and of changeable moods, has decided to go out with a whoosh of frigid air. It’s cloudy this morning and there’s actually a chance for a freeze tonight. So, I’ll cover my lovely flowers and wait until April to put them in the ground.

Good-bye, March. It’ll be nice to see April tomorrow.

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